Our Story

Collab Bears believes in a world where it's popular to be different. Where the idea of inclusivity isn't a trend. Where love and peace equate to power. The arts have found a way to thread itself through the human race--causing us to think, hold a conversation, hold space, sing, eat, create community, and maintain community.


We'd like to continue this thread with Collab Bears--a premium lifestyle brand offering luxury bear NFTs and a discerning individual's entrance into the metaverse.


Our legendary artist and co-founder, Audrey Schilt, has had one driving principle in her 40+ year career in the art and fashion worlds--no matter what your race, gender, age, or socioeconomic status is, she believes everyone deserves the same opportunity to express themselves through their art. It was only natural for this project to have been born.


This is not just another NFT project. Every aspect of this project has been thoughtfully created and organized. From Audrey's meticulously drawn bears to our collaborators--every detail has been chosen purposefully.  Our collaborators have been picked with intention and collections curated with our community in mind.

Joining the Collab Bears community signifies an appreciation for fine art, meaningful relationships, respect for society, and just a general appreciation for the finer things in life.

The Collab Bears team is fully transparent. You can learn more about them here.